Dress Rules - Diggers Services Club in Logan
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Diggers Service Club Dress Rules

What Can I wear to Diggers Services Club?

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Everything has to be “clean, neat and tidy” AND “in good condition” AND “modest”!
You can’t be dressed in anything that may be offensive to other members or guests.
Diggers staff know how you should be dressed and want you to come in and have a good time. They can’t do this if you wear something that is not acceptable.
Management Decision will be final


Guidelines – “It’s not the item of clothing, it’s the way it’s worn”

Shirts and tops
Have to be clean, no rips or tears, no offensive pictures or words on them.
They also need to be of a modest nature.


Trousers and skirts
Dress trousers, shorts, slacks and jeans are permitted.
Those with designer frays or tears are OK, BUT no tears or holes due to wear.
Tracksuits of clean neat appearance at any time.
Ladies Skirts and Shorts must be of an acceptable length and design.


Dress shoes, sport shoes and sandals are OK but all must be clean.
Designer thongs are fine BUT Basic rubber thongs are not.
All types of shoes may be worn without socks with smart casual attire.


Ladies dress headwear is accepted
No Hats, Caps, Beanies or General headwear  except for religious or medical reasons
OR for the specific purpose of promotions or entertainment arranged by Management.



Fluros, work shorts and work boots that are in good repair are permitted up to 5.30pm.


Same as for adults – BUT
Footwear must be worn at all times unless you are in the Cubby Club. AND Rubber thongs are OK for Children only